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Project Description
Hijack your way to the surface in this strategic survival roguelike. Uncover clues about the long-lost civilization responsible for your existence.

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Visdev, 3D Modeling + Texturing, Environment Design

Maya, Photoshop, Unity

Fish Game! Fish Game!

I worked primarily in environment visualization, which let me interact with all stages of the game design process - from concept art to the finished level design. I was drawn to the possibilities and potential of merging a "lost civilization" and "chem-punk" aesthetic through my work. Through environmental storytelling, players can piece together the reasons for this underwater society's collapse.  



Through the concepting stage, we floated around various ideas for environment direction - the Atlantis-like lost civilization angle was obvious, but how could we distinguish it further?

landscape concepts

based on color palettes generated by the team - colors evoking an acidic, murky and foreboding wasteland

bridge supports

what was left of pillars holding the bridge to the tower

forest market

early concepting to establish the world's relationship between civilization (order) and nature (abandonment). worked on determining shape language as well

central tower

the central tower poses as a remnant of the lost civilization and a focal point for players to orient around

To communicate a feeling of abandonment and chaos, we decided on visual indicators: Overgrown plants are an easy way to evoke the lost civilization vibe, and large, distinctive shapes give players a sense of direction when exploring. 

Creatures + Props

After defining the visual direction and iterating on concept art, we could start creating assets to hand off to level designers. 

I worked with combat designers to communicate creatures' abilities and stats through their shape language and color choices (ie. bulky and colorful = tanky and poisonous enemy). They had to fit in their environment, and we took a lot of inspiration from real animals. 

creature models

UV unwrapped, handpainted, and textured various fishes based on concept art (link)

final boss 3D model

final boss - hand painted and stylized using maya and photoshop (link)


imaginary plants and corals created using specific level color palettes (link)


This was the project that got me hooked on visual direction in game design. I learned the importance of collaborating on + establishing a cohesive, solid art direction. 

I loved working with engineering, usability, design, and narrative teams to conceptualize and visualize their work. It felt so meaningful to see how the world fit together - it seemed like we were the players piecing together the lore of the world through these snippets. 

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