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A complicated task for a slashy, flashy, and dashy game.

Environments have to embody the vibrancy of New Orleans while channeling supernatural energy - cheerful, curious, but also unsettling. I worked on art direction and stylization with the narrative and design teams, resulting in the art bible (check out for ridiculously detailed notes!). 

Players interact with game environments in a multitude of ways, and it's our job to use visual cues to guide them (but also encourage exploration) through the ethereal, gorgeous nightlife of the city.

Art Direction

My primary task was leading a team of concept + 3D artists in direction and production. I worked on an art style guide to unify the game's visual direction, which translated into concepts, turnarounds, and finally, in-game models. 

I also worked extensively on creating and documenting the art pipeline, such as our modular facade workflow and procedural texture generation. 

French Quarter

The French Quarter serves as the starting point for Haru and Spooky's adventures. Our version of it draws upon the verticality of its Creole/Greek architecture, with players able to jump onto balconies and objects to explore to their hearts' content while beating up ghosts (of course).

french quarter paintover

french quarter paintover - the initial exploration of designing this vast, open space

FQ lighting exploration

working with the design team to find ways to illuminate the environment

rooftop outside

warped rooftop - encourages players to jump on it and serves as an indicator of the supernatural energy

dive bar outside

dive bar outside view - brightness within indicates that players should find a way inside

dive bar interior

dive bar interior - designing a cramped, dark indoor battle area let us design obstacles for players to hop on and evade attacks

spk - JM illustration.png

Jazz Museum

The Jazz Museum exterior serves as the final boss battle - players must be drawn to it and make steady progress towards it through their exploration. Its exterior resembles the real New Orleans Jazz Museum, albeit abandoned and with a huge portal to a supernatural dimension.

spk - jm exterior refs.png

I explored compositions that would foreshadow the museum's importance and boss battle, taking inspiration from other games' boss battle arenas.

spk - jm concepts.png
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