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Stranger Things VR

Project Description

Explore unknown realities as Vecna in this adventure-horror game based on the Netflix show. (to be released)

Summer 2023

Wireframes, Prototyping, Interaction Design, 

Unity, Figma, Photoshop


UI from Another Time

I concepted and created various diegetic layouts, assets, and effects based on 1980s style interfaces. I designed digital displays, mechanical gloves, and convoluted Russian gadget interfaces to communicate important information and tutorials. First and foremost, interfaces had to integrate with the rest of the world - no HUDs and fewer floating displays that would break immersion and take players out of the world around them. 

(Wait until game release for images of work! Or ask me :)



I had a great time working within the constraints of 1980s technology and GUI design trends (I now know an odd amount about segmented displays!). The requirement of diegetic UI made for a rewarding task to design clear and engaging interfaces that worked with - and not just "on top of" - the environment and surroundings. 

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