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bite-sized projects

Snapchat Lenses

Created in Lens Studio. Equal parts aesthetic, spooky, and fun. (Click on the image to try 'em out!) 


Lofi Nature Sounds to Program To

An aesthetic sound mixer - mix and match forest, stream and frog noises! Created in JavaFX for my GUI class.



A multiplayer co-op game made for the BCI (brain controlled interface) Game Jam! Play as a leggy cat and knock things off of the table as cats do. Designed for children who use BCI tools with a Unity-BCI API. 


Mallow Mansion

A ghostly mashup of musical chairs and hot potato, where you rush to possess marshmallows while trying not to get your body stolen by other players. Time's up when the sun's up! Made in 48 hours for the Newbies and Vets Game Jam. 

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